Pricing & Registration

The Lion of Judah Wrestling Academy curriculum is designed to develop wrestlers with skills and techniques that work at the highest levels.

Discounts for Families

For families with multiple siblings, we do offer a discounted rate. Please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to process your discounted membership rate.


Price $35/Month

This program aims to make wrestling a fun experience for young kids who are ready to be introduced to the sport. Wrestlers familiarize themselves with wrestling positions, improve coordination, balance and flexibility, and strengthen core muscles necessary for wrestling.



Price $50/Month

This program will emphasize continued skill development in the basic skills, along with the introduction of more advanced skills in depth to prepare them to advance to the next level.

4th - 6th


Price $75/Month

The Dev-Group program is focused on development and technique at a much faster pace and is centered around technique mastery, as well as working towards acquiring more advanced skill sets. Wrestlers in our Dev-Group must be invited by coaches. Invitation is based on the demonstration of basic skill mastery, and a high-level competition experience. Other characteristics to be a part of the Dev-Group include leadership, responsibility, accountability, an eagerness to learn. Our members will also be given the opportunity to compete throughout the offseason and are provided with periodized strength and conditioning programs.

Middle School and Up

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